June 20, 2020

From the Soundtraxx website You can orient the various items to get them together but the result is not natural which should give reason to question if they are supposed to be used together. Bluetooth Red – Malaysk. I do not have any hard data from pull tests and such but my gut feel is that you get much tighter pin engagement and improved pin contact with the type of connector having inserts. Hardware guide – 7floor.

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Retrieved from ” https: While I have no proof beyond gut feel and hands on evaluation, it seems. I could not obtain a pinout for this so can only guess that it does not follow any standard and is simply a proprietary use of the 21MTC connector.

Pictures and diagram by vaonline. Do not do it unless you can read chinese. Mothwrboard Output configuration. PCV Startup Builder – devilsoft. The second is a rom dump of a rooted device.

If you don’t need any of this for your application, none of this matters. Variations of ESU and Hardware.


Hui Fei Type – XDA-Developers

A few motherbkard pins for cool stuff like the SUSI interface. On Xtrons this might work: The MTC standard uses Pin The sound module and the mobile decoder plugged in together act the same as the Tsunami found in the released Spectrum models. Radio blue – Mat. The ESU board was closest at 2. Convertible to D via CV8. In some cases, interchanging the firmware for these has appeared to work.

Radio low pass filter mod: Install Mobile Network Settings. MCU images are referred to using an abbreviation of the manufacturer’s name.

Hui Fei Type

One indication of the wrong setting for CV is that function will be off when they should be on and vice versa. The format is marked TSXD.

I found this wiring diagram for an un-referenced sound model decoder on the Bachmann US website DCC support page that refers to speaker impedance of ohm so it could motherbboard either standard depending on the date it was developed. You can download from here once you sign in: In practice, well, there are a few issues worth noting.


The newest version has different options, all in chinese. But 15 outputs plus a PowerPack is still a little bit out on the horizon. MTC Motherboard to Hardwire. The jotherboard are generally classified by manufacturer, processor dual-core RK or quad-core RK and screen size x or x In order to use a keep-alive module with the ESU mid-size V4.

According mrc ESU, all Selects are now 8-function; 4 standard output plus 4 logic level outputs. Motherbkard Kato Passenger Car Installation. It should hopefully go into recovery. The fit is really just impossible.

Views Read View source View history. This connector was never really planned for -It came about when ESU were creating a new Marklin decoder series MFX and Marklin needed also something with more pins to accommodate their 3 wire C-sine motor plus other functions.

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