October 17, 2020

You may have noticed that I am a big fan of these broadband loop antennas made in the UK. For counting operations upwards of 1 GHz probably closer to MHz with an eight-segment display, the resolution will be Hz, still using the divide by prescaler. When I get the time I’ll put together a beacon log from the the LW band recordings. The timing circuits in block 2 ensure that all the requisite operations occur consistently and sequentially. Potentially superior to the Wellbrook for LW. I determined that I needed to cover a range of MHz with a resolution of 1 kHz which requires six display digits e.

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Also have the optional hand mic and programming cable. Even if your display needed more drive than that, it’s still a good idea to have some limiting resistance, if for no other reason than to help extend the life of the On the other hand, if this generator were displzy be used as an internal combustion engine tachometer, a four-digit display, no prescaling, 1 Hz resolution with an allowed accuracy of PPM, and a gate time of 1.

As thrilling are the robust MW signals from New Zealand and Australia that enthusiasts are hearing from the location. Electronic product,memory card,usb flash drive,phone cable,phone accessories.


This has put dozens of new stations in the log in since I acquired the phaser. When this gate opens, clock xisplay are fed to the counter and it starts counting. Mt Rainier is visible from the rooftop.

MP Fast Free Price and Delivery Quotes – IC Electronic – 2 Way Radio

Performance eclipses anything I’ve ever used here. Connect the oscillator as shown. I acquired two chips from an Australian vendor that I found displxy. I received every station I have ever received on the frequency except Kushiro, all on the last day of the CLE when conditions became quite good.

Replacement antennas and parts are at QTH. But I can tune around them in the background!

The TV antenna with amplifier module did a decent job bringing in analog Canadian TV before going digital in Shenzhen Chuangxinda Electronics-Tech Co.

We will use two of these functions in this design: At this point, the counter dlsplay retrofitted and is ready for testing and final installation.

Frequency Counters and Retrofitting

The other end is terminated with a standard RCA phono plug. These six-digit readouts can be easily modified to suit your application; the chip can handle eight display digits of readout if necessary. This chip is of the 74VHC family — a displah high speed dual D type flip-flop; only one side is used.


I am still using YaND 6. Read through this at least once, if for no other reason than just to get a better understanding of what you m54862p working with.

Amateur Radio Station K7WV

No “HD Radio” decoding with this European-made unit. Cushcraft AS 2-meter FM 3-element verical polarization for remote use, “mountain topping”.

I have been DXpeditioning there annually during an October weekend since Kholmsk is m54826pp first ever reception for North America. Used to achieve VUCC and 49 states confirmed. It takes an absolutely exceptional night as this was. The ILS glideslope and localizer transmitters are located at the airfield.

Drake R7 and Realistic DX-300 Repair

There is a cheap and easy fix for the bad sounding rolloff that involves adding a couple caps which I may do instead. My grid count is currently worked, confirmed. For the most part, it does not require any components, and it only needs point-to-point wiring. Welcome to my virtual shack! Look for a loose solder connection or cable in the DX

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