June 14, 2020

Although much objective data is available on which to base the decision, the final judgment for declaring an INFOCON change rests with the commander. Conduct maximum level of auditing, review and critical file back-up procedures. See Annex A for sample format. Employ normal reporting procedures IAW para 7d. The most prudent approach is to assume malicious intent until an event is assessed otherwise. Hardware, software, or firmware intentionally inserted into an information system for an unauthorized purpose e.

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When determining the appropriate defensive posture, many factors must be considered. This doesn’t make sense to us since we only have one line item. Combatant commands, Services, and DOD agencies will designate a reporting authority and establish reporting procedures for organizational infocin under their jurisdictions.

Ensure an effective password management program is in place. All of the above, plus: Ensure all points of access and their operational necessity are identified. Attributing the attack to its ultimate source, if possible, will normally not occur until after the attack has been executed. Confirm existence of newly identified vulnerabilities and install patches. Major military operation or contingency, planned or ongoing. Preparation is key, given the speed and reduced signature of CNA.


What about use of the particular CNA technique by others? Understanding these assumptions is essential to effectively implement this system. Ssee Appendix E, ref. For instance, changing passwords to lock out unauthorized access to valid accounts may not be prudent if a sniffer has been installed which can capture the new passwords.

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Conduct periodic internal security reviews and external vulnerability assessments. For each information system targeted, determine the technical impact, i. Information associated with an ongoing criminal investigation of a CNA may be considered law-enforcement sensitive.

Classification guidance and disclosure policy concerning IO is addressed in reference c. Inficon will include the following information:. Infocon Systems Reviews Recently Reviewed!

Therefore, actions that prevent or halt unauthorized access might also be used to counteract data browsing and corruption. Critical File Back-up Procedures. Objective assessment of the situation and prudent analysis of all available information must be integrated with the commander’s experience and leadership to determine the xom appropriate defensive posture.

Services, combatant commands, and Defense agencies may dictate more frequent internal reporting to subordinate components.

Commanders are responsible for assessing the situation and establishing the proper INFOCON based on evaluation of all relevant factors. Greatest value in the EDI market place! Report information missing from the initial report in a follow-up report when it becomes available.


What else is going on other than CNA that is potentially relevant to the current situation?

See Appendix C for various assessments to consider. For the technical impacts identified, estimate the time and resources required to restore functionality.

Infocon Systems

The INFOCON is a comprehensive defense posture and response based on the status of information systems, military operations, and intelligence assessments of adversary capabilities and intent. Significant level of infcoon probes, scans or activities detected indicating a pattern of concentrated reconnaissance.

Measures should be commensurate with the risk, the adversary’s assessed capability and intent, and mission requirements. Minimal success, successfully counteracted. Any contingencies, crisis actions, exercises, or other operations a unit is supporting or projected to support must be considered when determining the INFOCON.

Consistent with intelligence law restrictions on the collection of US person information, the following information will be generated by intelligence analysts and included in this section of the intelligence assessment report:.

Isolate compromised systems from rest of network.

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