June 14, 2020

Visit manufacturer site for details. Intel Yonah Core Duo T 2. In its price range, is it solid? Don’t show this again. Gateway ME Core 2 Duo review: One feature we are sad to see go is the old unit’s volume dial on the front edge; you’ll need to use function keys to adjust the volume on the ME.

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On the other hand, standard benchmarks, which I ran in isolation, looked pretty good and were in line with what I expected. On the whole, its design is superior to that of the PC Club Enpower ENP; not only does the Gateway present a more polished, professional appearance, but it also feels sturdier and more solidly built. In the end it seems to me that almost every notebook purchase involves a consideration of factors both metaphysical and monetary, philosophical and pedestrian: It weighs a hefty 6.

A gentle, respectful, caring notebook user should have no trouble, given the solidity of the plastic, the strength and width of the hinges and the snug cover latch.

Gateway M255-E Review (pics, specs)

Gateway M right side view view large image. In its price range, is it solid?

If I did go to the Gateway website to order one right now, I would probably select the non-glossy option, even if it meant my DVD watching experience was somewhat diminished. The keyboard retains the same, comfortable design of the ME, and the touch pad is wider and deeper.

There is noticeable heat on the right of this notebook, where the hard drive resides. Performance results Shorter bars indicate better performance.


Gateway ME (Core 2 Duo) review: Gateway ME (Core 2 Duo) – CNET

This reimagined MacBook Air fixes almost all previous design issues, but not without adding An unremarkable 3DMark05 score, which should make little difference to those who eschew notebook gaming:. Gateway M front side view view large image Gateway M back side view view large image Gateway M left side view view large image Gateway M right side view view large image The screen Gateway M The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch Review Sections Review Specs.

If I were to purchase one or fifty of these notebooks, I would insist on first testing with additional RAM, and if it were a bulk purchase, I would want additional opinions on the keyboard.

The scores make sense when you consider that our Photoshop test is memory intensive and that the Gateway ME supplies only half the memory of the Dell Inspiron E and the HP Pavilion dvtwhich the Gateway system then must also share with the graphics.

While it may make marketing and pricing sense for an online computer seller to start with a stripped-down base configuration in the hope of selling add-ons at a decent margin, I figured a review model would include an adequate amount of RAM.

Lenovo fine-tuned its formula for the Yoga C, adding a trio of useful features that It will ably handle the rigors of business-class computing, but it failed to set the world on fire on CNET Labs’ new benchmarks. One particular test led to this conclusion: Evidence began to accumulate to convince me that saddling a Core Duo T which is without question a stellar CPU with something less than half a gigabyte of RAM was a serious mistake. There is one troubling issue, however, that relates to the integrated graphics in this particular machine, though I would think the problem is easily addressed: The system features Gateway’s tried-and-true silver-and-black color scheme but measures slightly wider and thicker than the previous ME at In the end, I spent a considerable amount of time looking for bottlenecks and making software and Windows adjustments.


Intel Yonah Core Duo T 2.

Not great battery life, but an eight-cell battery is available for a nominal charge, and playing around with power saving features would undoubtedly improve battery life. Although Super Pi itself seems able to get its hands on everything it needs to perform up to speed, it will almost certainly make it much more difficult for other applications to access the resources they crave.

We suspect the ME would fare better if it enjoyed the use of 2GB of memory. We feel roughly the same about the Gateway ME, which features a handful of minor design improvements, a Core 2 Duo processor, and less-than-stellar benchmark results. There is also the very real possibility that another user would like the keyboard.

More on this later. The Bottom Line Despite its excellent design and shiny, new Core 2 Duo processor, the Gateway ME fails to make strides with performance or battery life. Based on these two Gateway laptops, an admittedly small sample, Core 2 Duo does nothing to improve battery life. We’ve changed, we promise. Best Laptops for

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