July 21, 2020

Have the tour 9. One thing not commented on much is the way the club looks at address. The driver had a cc head that was, with the exception of an aluminum soleplate and internal tungsten weights, made entirely of carbon composite. Instead, the FT-3 Tour has a chevron ghosted onto the center of the clubface, right where you want to hit the ball. Harder to hit than my cc Spalding Cannon I bought in

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Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver Review

Just got an FT-3 Tour Edition 8. With the golf season in full swing across the U. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. The Result is 2nd in the tournmment. Personally I love the sound off the face, far far better and superior to the dull cricket bat cllaway of the Cobra L4V I’ve exchanged it for.

The above reviews I am seriously excited about getting down neutrao range to have a blast with it.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

With single clubs driver, fairways, hybrids, etc. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

There’s no need to try and hit the ball with this club, just let it drop into place with an easy swing and it flies. There are some relatively minor cosmetic differences between the standard FT-3 and the Tour model.


Callaway Fusion Ft-3 Tour Degree Driver Graphite Stiff Flex | eBay

I doubt that the sound would keep anyone from buying this toud, especially after they launch a few drives with it. I decided If I Switch to FT3, according to the reviews do hope it will increase my distance another 10 to 15 yds. We can notify you by email the moment it’s in stock!

I’ve read in Today’s Golfer that the shaft tor the most important thing in the club as this is the engine, well what an engine this has. I used the shop by custom shaft option and was able to find just what I was looking for.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion FT-3 Tour Drivers

Mens Left Hand Shaft: I am Living in Brunei Darussalam. Draw, Neutral, and Fade. Even when I knew my hips rotated too much, or my head pulled up slightly the ball hangs on. After looking around I believe the Callaway FT-3 will be a great improvement to my game, especially with the different configurations to the common flaws in your swing; mine being the slice. The club calkaway been used to win four five major championships in fuzion hands of players like Michael Campbell, Annika Ftt-3, and Phil Mickelson, who cited the driver as one reason he switched to Callaway from Titleist last season.

Although it’s now about years old – what a club it really does fly. But it is a positive, confident sound that matches the smooth feel you notice at impact.


You could be looking at a set comprised of 5-PW 6 irons so we have calculated and adjusted the RRP accordingly. However things are a little more complicated if you’re looking at a set of irons. In all, each FT-3 driver has more than 40 grams of what Callaway calls discretionary weight redistributed to key areas of the clubhead.

Conclusion For the first time since the ERC II five years ago, Callaway Golf has a driver that stands out from everything else in terms fusipn design and performance. I was in a tournament a couple of days ago and I walked off 4 drives;, and This gives the FT-3 a very sturdy appearance, as if a more standard-looking driver had lifted weights and bulked up a bit. Share this with your golf buddies: Sell Your Golf Clubs.

As with the previous Fusion driver, the titanium cup face is connected to the composite body with heavy-duty epoxy.

The driver had a cc head that was, with the exception of an aluminum soleplate and internal tungsten weights, made entirely of carbon composite. On the course — HUGE difference — now driving it frequently yd. It is a shame that callaway have stopped making them:

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