June 21, 2020

It was discussed on the avrfreaks forum[1]. A Gossamer Threads company. TX underrun, resetting buffers”? Thanks for the report, Haavard – To unsubscribe from this list: I wish all vendors were as effective and efficient.

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If it’s a ahmel with the descriptor, it would probably help to dump out some information about the ring state, i. Currently I make in code Reset Tx descriptors, and testing. Nothing to worry about. We mailed the macb.

Of course, if it’s a cache flushing issue, we might not see anything wrong in the descriptors. I also did a test to see if Auto probing works and changed the EK’s phy address to 1 and macb did pick it up and Ethernet works fine. Our symptoms were that the ethernet appeared to start but then would just sit there incrementing rx errors but not actually do anything.

Cleared by writing a one to this bit.


[etherlab-dev] looking for Atmel MACB Ethernet Controller driver porting for Ethercat

On Fri, 17 NovHaavard Skinnemoen wrote: Atmel MACB at 0xfffc irq 21 In 10Mbit mode now working ok. If transmission stops due to a transmit error, the transmit queue pointer resets to point to atmeel beginning of the transmit queue. Full duplex mode is collision free. Jeff – To unsubscribe from this list: Thanks for the report, Haavard – To unsubscribe from this list: Regards, Wojtek – To unsubscribe from this list: It have 2 modes.

At my workplace working OK.

It then worked fine. Other people have been mentioning the problem occasionally in this group. TX underrun, resetting buffers”? The reason I ask is that we think that mac. Is there anything I can agmel by myself without an ICE to see what’s wrong?

macb: Kill PHY reset code [Linux 4.16]

My device with avr32uc3a, lwip 1. Thanks for submitting a nice, clean driver that was so painless to apply to the latest kernel.

A Gossamer Threads company. At network AI cant mcb firmware, but it working ok with other solution, —separating networks with router — decrease broadcast, multicast messages. Mailing List Archive GT. Might be possible to improve things by configuring the main system bus differently, or put the DMA buffers in internal SRAM if possible. I will studies your patch.


Mailing List Archive: [PATCH take 2] Atmel MACB ethernet driver

I occasionally get TX underrun errors, mostly while transferring some large files. Tx Ring full when queue awake!

I scanned network A with wireshark and found that at network have more broadcast and multicast messages. On Thu, 16 Nov This variable is not defined in board files like board-at91samek.

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